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Urban Legends of Krasnoyarsk

See favorite places of Krasnoyarsk citizens

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Каратанова 11

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2 часа

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4 км

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Visit the citizens' favorite places and learn a lot of interesting facts about Krasnoyarsk and its history. Who was the one who brought fruits to cold Krasnoyarsk? How do citizens call the place where freaks would meet? How to get a nice painting for a glass of vodka? What trees can bring love into your life?
You'll learn it during the excursion. Take your headphones and let us go!


— "Mansion" center
— famous Commander monument
— "Pushka" theater
— a funny sculptor fail

Start at Каратанова 11

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MTS Together with local experts, we created self-guided tours that will give you a look at Russian cities from a new angle

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Popular questions answered

How self-guided tours work?
The app will be your personal guide. With help of GPS the app will guide you along the route, show authentic places and tell stories about it. In some tours you will find simple quizes to get learn about the city like in game.
What is different from a guided tour or guidebook?
Unlike a guided tour, you do not depend on anyone. You can pause or go from the route and stop for an aperol at the bar. This is not just a list of places with descriptions, but a well-prepared route with interactive content that make you to interact with the city.
Do I need the internet?
No, the tour is downloaded to the app and works offline. It stays with you even after you finish it, so you can share your impressions with friends.
When can I start a tour?
The tour can be started at any time after downloaded, it remains with you forever

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Urban Legends of Krasnoyarsk
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Urban Legends of Krasnoyarsk
See favorite places of Krasnoyarsk citizens

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