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Sightseeing tours tours from locals in Rome

Five reasons to choose Surprise Me

Authentic walking tours

All tour are created by locals

It's fun like a game

Discover new places while answering quizzes and completing tasks

You're a boss of your time

Start, finish or pause the tour at any time


Author's Surprise Me tours are cheaper than usual

Invite your friends

Take a tour with up to 5 people with two devices

Collections in Rome

  1. Choose a tour and easily pay for it online
  2. Get an email with access to the tour
  3. Download the tour into the app
  4. The app understands where you are and guides you
  5. Explore the city! And you don't even need an internet connection for it!

How self-guided tours work

Sightseeing tours tours from locals in Rome

Surprise Me is the sightseeing tours self-guided tours to the most famous and beautiful places in mobile app. Rome - a beautiful city for private tours with our app. The tours are made up by the best local guides and enthusiastic residents. Choose a tour and pay online. Explore the history of the city with the mobile guide Surprise Me, walk and enjoy the views of the top attractions with us!

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