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Ancient Rome: Quest Tour at the Colosseum

Visit the largest amphitheater in the world and travel back in time to the Roman Empire to witness the Gladiator fights

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The square in front of the Colosseum

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2 hours

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What's tour about

Imagine yourself a spectator at the Colosseum during the rise of the Roman Empire! You will learn how the crowd actually behaved when people were thirsty for blood of the defeated, why women weren’t allowed to seat near the arena, and how in reality, rather than in Hollywood movies, gladiator games were held, and what gladiators who were «celebrities» in the ancient world really looked like.

During the tour you will:

✅ Walk along spectator’s route in the Roman Colosseum and imagine in detail how the gladiator games were organized,

✅ Find out a lot of interesting facts about the construction and ingenious design of the Amphitheatre, which had even an underground level with elevators and hidden hatches,

✅ Imagine how magnificent and majestic the Colosseum looked like during the heyday of the Roman Empire,

✅ Debunk Hollywood myths created about the Colosseum and the gladiators by the «star factory»,

✅ Learn the secrets and juicy details concerning the organization of the gladiatorial battles,

✅ Make a bet on one of the gladiators and win (or lose),

✅ Find a secret observation deck with a stunning view of the Colosseum!

Attention! Tickets to the Colosseum (combined tickets to the Colosseum/Roman Forum) must be purchased in advance. The recommended start time of the excursion is 45 minutes before the entrance time indicated on the ticket.


— You will find a secret observation deck which offers an incredible view of the Colosseum
— Inspect the Colosseum from outside
— Enter inside the world-famous Amphitheatre
— Know how Roman gladiator fights were actually held
— And much more!

Start at The square in front of the Colosseum

Author of the tour

Marina Ok

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How self-guided tours work?
The app will be your personal guide. With help of GPS the app will guide you along the route, show authentic places and tell stories about it. In some tours you will find simple quizes to get learn about the city like in game.
What is different from a guided tour or guidebook?
Unlike a guided tour, you do not depend on anyone. You can pause or go from the route and stop for an aperol at the bar. This is not just a list of places with descriptions, but a well-prepared route with interactive content that make you to interact with the city.
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The tour can be started at any time after purchase, it remains with you forever
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Ancient Rome: Quest Tour at the Colosseum
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Ancient Rome: Quest Tour at the Colosseum
Visit the largest amphitheater in the world and travel back in time to the Roman Empire to witness the Gladiator fights

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