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The Beginning of Saint-Petersburg: dreams vs reality

What's tour about

Peter the Great is the most famous Russian tsar and the first Russian emperor. He drastically changed the course of Russian history as we now speak of two main periods: before and after Peter.

We will go on a short walk around the very center of the city, though Peter never intended it to become the center. You will find out about the plans Peter the Great managed to put into action, and about those that never came to life, about what stood in his way, and what sacrifices he had to make to reach his goals.

We will start in the heart of Peter’s St. Petersburg, right in front of the Admiralty. We will take in views of the Neva River, talk about floods and their causes, walk through the former grounds of the Admiralty to finish our discussion of Peter’s role in history by the first monument in St. Petersburg which was dedicated to him: the Bronze Horseman.

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Fountain in the front of the Admiralty (metro station Admiralteyskaya)

The tour starts here

45 – 60 min

walking pace

1.2 km

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What you will see on the tour

—The Admiralty
—The Neva River
—Monument to Tsar-Carpenter
—Bronze Horseman...

Start at Fountain in the front of the Admiralty (metro station Admiralteyskaya)

Red marker is the starting point of tour. During the tour you don't need to go outside of marked circle

Author of the tour

Наталия К. I am the creator of St. Petersburg Cloud Guide. On my tours and in my articles I do not list dates, names and architectural styles, but tell about people, motives, events and phenomena.
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The Beginning of Saint-Petersburg: dreams vs reality
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