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How to build an Imperial St. Petersburg?

What's quest tour about

If you love relaxed walks along scenic routes and fascinating stories about people who lived long ago, but still resemble us very much, then this tour is for you.

When you come to the Northern Capital you will surely hear many tour promoters inviting you to see the Imperial St. Petersburg. Carlo Rossi was one of the main architects responsible for creating this stately and marketable image.

Believe me, you would not recognize St. Petersburg if you took out everything Rossi built or designed. Of course, wonderful palaces and cathedrals would remain, but the elegance and harmony would disappear.
The genius Carlo Rossi was at the right place and at the right time. The capital of the Russian Empire needed a new majestic image after the end of the Napoleonic Wars, where the Russian Empire was victorious. No expenses were spared for creating this image.
We invite you to see how the architect’s professional and personal life changed, and how at the same time the imperial image of St. Petersburg took shape.

We will start at Zodchego Rossi Street considered to be the benchmark for harmony in architecture, visit the garden of the Anichkov Palace, we will try to imagine the grandeur of St. Michael’s Castle during Pavel I’s times, stroll around the Mikhailovsky Garden and talk about the Romanov’s fondness of the beauty of military parades.

What you will see on quest tour

- Zodchego Rossi Street
- The Alexandrinsky Theater
- Anichkov Palace and garden
- Ostrovsky Square
- Manezhnaya Square
- Michael's Castle
- Monument to Peter the Great
- Mikhailovsky Palace and garden
- Arts Square

Author of the tour

Наталья Коробкина (Облачный Гид Петербурга)

Quest tour in mobile app

for the company from 1 to 5 people

Start at Lomonosov square (metro station «Gostiny Dvor»)

Area of quest tour:


without hard quizzes

2 hours

walking pace

3 – 4 км

Approximate quest tour distance


Bring headphones with you

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