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Взрослые сказки

метро Китай-Город
2-2,5 часа
3 км
В этом квесте мы хотим рассказать вам одну занимательную историю. Нет, не про принцесс и драконов - а про город, который полон загадок и романтики.

Этот квест - отличный способ провести время со своей половинкой. Получайте новые впечатления и радуйте своего внутреннего ребенка, до сих пор помнящего сюжеты любимых сказок.

События квеста повторяют романтический квест "Ты и Я", однако уровень сложности на порядок выше. Мы создали его специально для тех, кто любит полное погружение и задачки “со звездочкой”.

Рекомендуем проходить квест-экскурсию с 11.00 до 20.00.
Buy for 690.00 ₽

What is it about?


Exciting routes

You will have a chance to explore the the hidden locations as well as well-known places!

Excellent for group of people

Invite your friends and relatives to join the quest. You will have lots of fun! Only one device needed.

Quizzes and stories

Every quiz is a surprise - new task comes only after completion of the current one

How quest tours work

Add lives of emotions, impressions and novelty

Go on journey to new places
Combined Shape
Complete the tasks and get next location
Learn a lot of new things through interactive questions
Stop at cafes and nice places when you want
Combined Shape
Take a photo of background of impressive views
Combined Shape
Easily communicate with game - quest itself will tell the theme

OK, let's try!

  1. Choose an interesting quest from the store
  2. Make a payment by credit card or Yandex Money. We will send you email with quest code.
  3. Get free app for Android or iOS
  4. Enter the code in start screen and quest will begin
  5. Solve the quizzes and explore the world! It is ok to take a break when needed.

Explore the world



Answers are hidden somewhere in the city. Task will come up automatically when you are at the right place.

Travel cheaper

No network required, just free offline app!

Plan your time

Start the quest any convinient time and take breaks when needed.

Gifts and Sales

Some of the quests end by the surprises from our partners

Try new activity with Surprise Me in reality

Spend an active and memorable time with friends and colleagues
Make an exeptional date for someone special
Make an awesome hen-party or stag-party
Surprise by the unforgettable gifts

  1. Choose the type of payment

  2. Enter your email and make a payment 690.00


  3. Get an email with quest code
    For example HN7829
  4. Get free app for Android or iOS
  5. Enter the code in start screen and quest will begin
  6. Solve the quizzes and explore the world! It is ok to take a break when needed.