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What's tour about

How did the oil magnates live and where did the dark cases of Lavrentiy Beria? Why Tiflis called "Caucasian Paris" and where is the "Italian villa"? In this quest tour, we will pass through the most prestigious district of Tbilisi "Sololaki" and get acquainted with the life of the Georgian elite.
The route will be of interest to those who are already familiar with Tbilisi and its history. Are you the first time in the Georgian capital? Then we recommend that you first take a survey route through the Old City.

Self-guided tour in mobile app

for the company from 1 to 5 people

1.5 – 2 hours

walking pace

3 km

Approximate tour distance

Start at any time after purchase

What you will see on the tour

In your Instagram you will see photos:
• Luxurious entrance in Kalantarov’s house
• The famous "Italian Villa"
• A secret courtyard with palm trees and grapes
• Houses of Lavrentiy Beria
• Elegant mansion for the intelligentsia with a patio
• The entrance with Venetian crystal
• The income house of the largest oil industrialist
• And, of course, selfie on the background of these wonderful sights!

Start at The Courtyard hotel on Liberty Square

Red marker is the starting point of tour. During the tour you don't need to go outside of marked circle

Author of the tour

Александр I live in Tbilisi, I know every street of this city with all secrets. If you want to feel like a local and feel the atmosphere, you will definitely like my tours. I tried to show all the breathtaking places I know!
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