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The Old City: looking for the ancient Tiflis

What's tour about

In this tour, we combined a walk through the hidden streets of the Old City with popular tourist spots.
What happens in the Gothic boarding house of noble maidens and what was the author of the "Three Musketeers" wrong about? You will touch the oldest building in Tbilisi, visit the main building with colored stained-glass windows and discover the secrets of the fortress walls.

Self-guided tour in mobile app

for the company from 1 to 5 people

1.5 – 2 hours

walking pace

3 km

Approximate tour distance

Start at any time after purchase

What you will see on the tour

Our route will provide an excellent opportunity to shoot unusual photos for your Instagram. You will visit:
• Shardeni’s Quarter
• «Kaleidoscope» house
• Rezo Gabriadze Theater
• Basilica Anchiskhati
• The cosy yard in the Royal Square
• Hidden from the eyes of the ignorant medieval square and ancient cobblestone streets
• City walls and much more!

Start at The City Hall at Liberty Square

Red marker is the starting point of tour. During the tour you don't need to go outside of marked circle

Author of the tour

Александр I live in Tbilisi, I know every street of this city with all secrets. If you want to feel like a local and feel the atmosphere, you will definitely like my tours. I tried to show all the breathtaking places I know!
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