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Self-guided tours with the mobile app

The app will be your guide

Start the tour at any time. The app will guide you along the route and tell interesting stories about the city

Better than the tours and guidebooks

Adventures, thoughtful routes from local and independence from the guide, all this is Surprise Me

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The best travel experts and creative people make excursions around the world that will show the city through the eyes of a local.

Turn your journey into an adventure through secret courtyards and breathtaking views, where you can take breaks and explore the city on your own.

Popular questions answered

How self-guided tours work?
The app will be your personal guide. Understanding where you are, the application will guide you along the route, show and tell about atmospheric places. In some excursions you will find simple questions to get to know the city in the game format.
What is different from a guided tour or guidebook?
Unlike a guided tour, you do not depend on anyone. You can pause or deviate from the route and stop for an aperol at the bar. This is not just a list of places with descriptions, but a thoughtful route with interactive content that allows you to interact with the city.
Do I need the internet?
No, the tour is downloaded to the app and stays with you even after passing, so you can share your impressions with friends.
When can I start a tour?
The tour can be started at any time after purchase, it remains with you forever
Why is it cheaper than a regular tour?
You pay for the whole tour, not the person. Travel alone or with up to 5 people using up to two phones.

Self-guided tours turn a trip into an adventure


🔥 I really liked the selection of places! I do not even think to turn somewhere/pay attention: like the staircase, it was very cool and the old cute shop, especially when you realize how old it is and other objects are amazing! The questions are easy to find answers, but it allows to pay attention to interesting facts.

Well, according to the map it is easy to navigate :) Fun fact: there are two streets with similar names nearby. We confused, but then I reread guide and saw the selected note 😅 and we figure out so everything is super!

2 months, 3 weeks ago

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