Surprise Me Privacy Policy
  1. General
Privacy Policy is an integral part of Surprise Me (hereinafter referred to as the Service) Terms of Service. Thus, by accepting the Terms of Service, including the mobile applications usage, you accept the terms of this Policy in full.
By personal data, this Policy means information provided by the user (hereinafter the User) during sign up and / or usage of the Service functions, as well as data that is transmitted automatically depending on the User’s software in an impersonal form.
  1. Personal data
To sign up in the Service, the User is obliged to enter personal information: his e-mail address (which is the User’s login), his first and last names. The Service reserves the right to conduct identification in online or offline modes to verify provided data.
Using the Service’s mobile applications, users provide permissions to the following device data and functions:
  • User location based on network and GPS signals (used to determine the locations of excursion and analytics events);
  • content management of the device’s internal storage (used to store excursion data);
  • network data exchange with unlimited access to the Internet (used to download tour data, proper applications work and transmit anonymous statistical events);
  • notification services including vibration signal (used when notifying of a new excursion event);
  • system tools including starting the application in background when the device is booted (used to maintain the correct state of the tour);
  • access to the camera (used for augmented reality when finding excursion artifacts).
  1. Purpose of collecting personal data
The Service uses User’s personal information to maintain and fulfill its obligations under the Terms and to improve the quality of functionality provided.
  1. Storage and control of personal data
The Service makes every effort to preserve the security of the User’s personal data.
Administration of the Service does not transmit or disclose the information provided by the user when signing up and using the functions of the Service to third parties, except the following cases:
  • Described by the legislation of the country in which the User operates;
  • When the administration deems such actions necessary to comply with the legal procedure, court order or legal process necessary for the User to work with the Service;
  • When this is required by the functionality of the Service for the qualitative provision of obligations to the User, including:
  • The avatar image, first name and the first letter of the User’s last name are used on the pages of the excursions, if he is the author, and also in the reviews of the excursions, if he left such ones.
  • Some of the personal information may be provided to the bank or the payment system if the provision of this information is subject to the transfer of funds to the payment system, the services of which the User wishes to use.
The service uses third-party software, including Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrica, Yandex AppMetrica, Firebase, Facebook Analytics, VKontakte Pixel, Google AdSense, Yandex Advertising Network (YAN), Admitad, UXCam, Branch, Sentry. As a result, such services may receive, transmit and process impersonal User data.
To provide timely and high-quality technical and information support, the Service uses the following third-party software: Crisp. As a result, such parties can receive, transfer and process the User’s personal data. In this case, the Privacy Policy of the respective services applies in addition to the Service Policy.
The Service implements personal data verification mechanisms to control this information. Responsibility for any consequences of providing inaccurate data rests with the User. In case some data has changed, the User is obliged to correct the data in the system independently, or contact the support service for making corrections.

To delete an account and all associated personal data, User should send the corresponding request via any channel (email, chat or phone) on the “Contact Us” page.
  1. Communication
During sign up, the User receives an email confirming his success. The User has the right to stop receiving informational messages at any time using the appropriate mechanism in the Service or by notifying the administration by mail at
  1. References and Other Links
The Service may contain links to other sites, copyrighted images, audio files and video files of third parties. The Service is not responsible for the content, quality and privacy policy of these sites. This privacy statement applies to any information posted on the Service website or in mobile applications.
  1. Changes and Notifications
The Service reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy without additional notice. Changes come into force from the moment of their publication. Users can track changes to the Privacy Policy on their own.